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Aromatherapy for Your Health & Well Being

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Hello... My name is Pam. While living in Nashville, TN and for many years before, I got sick and tired of doing what corporate America (mostly newspaper advertising) wanted me to do which was basically lie, cheat and steal with a big fat smile on my face. I almost let them kill my spirit but never gave into letting them take my soul. Out of desperation and trying to hang on to my mental health, Pam's Back to Nature was born in 2005.

Over the years, I've received hundreds of testimonials from clients telling me how my products have helped heal, inspire, uplift and took away some of their aches and pains along with helping their family and friends. This is what makes doing what I do so worth my time and energy. I never feel I have to mislead anyone into buying my products or into spending money they don't have or maybe they just aren't into natural and organic. My products are safe for pets, people and the environment and my prices are very affordable.

We only use 100% pure essential oils and mostly natural and organic ingredients instead of the nasty chemicals so many companies use that are causing many people health issues. We also deal with companies who are into protecting the environment, deal in fair trade, have honorable ethics and are trying to make the world a better with less stress.

I recently launched this website and my goal is to provide articles through blogging to help with your health and well-being. Hopefully I can make you laugh and think along the way.

May peace, love and good health be with you!




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