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Blog #2 ~ WIIFM



I'd love to share some of what the companies I worked for taught me so I would get the sell and make them loads of  money while they paid me a mere 10% or so while raising a daughter as a single mom. 

Why do I want to share about corporate America when this is a blog about aromatherapy? Because of the amazing contrast. Corporate America... money..greed..money. Aromatherapy...peace..love..healing..and light. 

In case you're wondering, WIIFM is a jumble of words corporate America taught me to think while selling which stands for "what's in it for me?"  Yes, that's all fine and dandy, I'm just not really into smelling my potential clients, although I love beautiful scents, but not from strangers. Obviously we all want to know how this product will this benefit us, I get that... but  how spending our hard earned dollars on what a salesperson is trying to sell us by smelling them is assinine. Why not just get to know the client on a somewhat personal level, find out their needs, explain how the product works and just be your real, natural self?  To whiff someone in order to con them into a sale is not a fair way to sell something to another human. Another jumble of words they taught us was "take their temperature,"  as if we're their caretaker. Not going to touch that one today.

Okay....the next blog will be more positive, I'll skip how much I loathe corporate America and focus more on how essential oils can heal and greatly improve our health and well being. But just be forwarned, I don't sugar coat and there will be mention of corporate America and their wrong doings throughout these blogs. I'm on a mission to teach some ethics and manners.

May peace, love and light surround you. 



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