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Hall of Famers Keith & Linda.....




I met Keith and Linda sometime in 2014. They purchased my "Whipped Cream Hand & Body Lotion" and Linda fell madly in love with this cream. She decided 4.5 oz was not even close to the amount she needed to make her skin oh so soft. They saw my website located on my label and Keith contacted me by phone. 

Like clock work, every 3 months Keith gives me a call and says "it's that time again."  They drive around 2 1/2 hours round trip to pick up this creme scented with pure lemon, lime and blood orange essential oils. I meet them at the Ingle's parking lot in Hayesville. They are always cheerful and polite, a very darling couple that go well together.

When I asked Linda why she likes this creme so much as to buy a half gallon every three months, she says what a lot of my customers say, "it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated, it's not sticky, it stays on a long time and the cirtus scent is very uplifting and refreshing...a light, clean scent which doesn't offend anyone. 

The super star ingredients in this luxurious creme is shea butter, flower extracts of cucumber, chamomile and calendula, vitamins A, C & E and more. 

The above photo is Linda holding her 3 month supply, half gallon jar. Below is the 4.5 oz pump bottle you can find on my website under body products.

Thank you Keith and Linda. See you soon!



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