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Need Help Remembering?

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Ever find yourself forgetting something you'd think would be so easy to remember? A little on the frustrating side isn't it? The answer is YES!

Psychologists at the Northumbria University in Newcastle, England did a research to test memory using rosemary essential oil as the guinea pig. Sixty six people were distributed between two rooms, one of which rosemary essential oil was diffused into the air while the other room was aroma-free. The end result published by the Daily Mail stated that exposure to rosemary essential oil can improve memory by 60-75%.

Below are some essential oils along with rosemary that can help with memory. Mix a few drops of each oil along with a carrier oil such as sweet almond or jojoba oil. You can diffuse into the air or even rub on the bottom of your feet. I'm headed to the kitchen after finishing this blog to make me some of this "Brain Alert."

Rosemary: Sharpens the memory, clears the mind, brain stimulant and boosts the nervous system.

Peppermint: Improves concentration, stimulates nerves and brain.

Spearmint: Strengthens memory, stimulates the mind and helps with mental fatigue.

Cardamon: Helps the brain and nervous system.

Have a happy, healthy and memorable day!

Pam ~ Pam's Back to Nature

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