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   Testimonials from our Customer Friends


 These are just a few of the testimonials we've received over the years out of hundreds!

I've tried countless products and spent tons of money to help with my psoriasis that is itchy and painful. Nothing helped much until I purchased a jar of  Kure All Skin & Lip Balm Salve. Not only did it stop my itching, but the redness and soreness went away. Beverly B  ~  Blairsville, GA

 Muscle Hugs is by far the best product I've ever tried for my sore muscles. It also helps when my back is hurting and for other body pains I suffer from. My husband is a big fan to. I highly recommend Muscle Hugs.  Vanessa R  ~  Atlanta, GA

I had very visible lines around my mouth from smoking. I started using Soft as Butter Face Moisturizer and noticed within a few days the lines weren't as prominent. My complexion looks better than ever.  Kathy D  ~  Asheville, NC

Occasionally I get painful corns between my toes that make it hard for me to wear shoes and walk.  Tried many products from the drug store that didn't help at all. Applied the Kure All Skin & Lip Balm Salve on the corns and after a few uses the corns just melted away. So grateful to be able to walk again.  Mary W  ~  Atlanta, GA

Whenever I feel a cold sore coming around my mouth, I immediately run for the Fit it Salve. Since using this salve, no longer have to worry about the sores around my mouth.  Fred P  ~  Jasper, GA

Love the 4 Piece Facial Set I purchase from Pam's Back to Nature every 2 months or so. The cleanser feels like a moisturizer and easily takes off my face and eye makeup without burning. Can feel the rosewater toner doing something good and the moisturizer makes my skin feel soft and pretty. I can tell a remarkable difference after using this face set.  Angela S ~ Orlando, FL

Burnt myself with an iron. Praise Jesus I remembered about the Fix it Salve recently purchased. Immediately a Durham, NC

I suffer from fibromyalgia. Tried the Muscle Hugs thinking it wouldn't work since nothing else has and was pleasantly surprised to feel some huge relief.  Tonya B  ~  Blue Ridge, GA





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