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100% Pure Essential Oils & Blends 


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Pam's Back to Nature takes great effort in making sure the companies we purchase from provide proof their essential oils are 100% pure. Otherwise, you're not getting the medicinal effect these oils have to offer.

Our 15 ml essential oils come in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a wand attached to the cap for easy spreading of the oil. Also included is a free pipette with each 15 ml bottle to prevent wasting these precious gems.

The 10 ml oils come in an amber glass bottle with a europeon dropper attached for easy use and no waste. 

Remember, essential oils are very powerful and potent, so make sure not to overuse. Do your research, there is tons of information on the internet about the benefits, how to use, etc. Once you get familar with these oils, they will become your best friends!

Inhale the positive, exhale the baggage.