How Scents Affect Our Emotions....

How Scents Affect Our Emotions....

Hello Everyone,

Aroma is defined as scent, so adding therapy to aroma equals "aromatherapy." When I smell certain essential oils, I

instantly feel better. Creating and smelling beautiful, inspiring scents is therapy for me. I always feel better while creating

my essential oil blends. 

My latest blend is "Relief on the Spot." The pump bottle is small enough to carry in your purse or pocket. Let's say

you're  driving and some moron jeopardizes your life by driving irrationally. Just pull over, pump a few drops of "Relief on

the Spot" inside the palms of your hands, inhale something positive and exhale the negativity of person who just nearly

killed you. That's your relief on the spot. It can work if you believe. Scent is powerful.

Essential oil diffusers are popular now. Simply put a few drops of say eucalyptus essential oil in the diffuser. It can not

only open up your nasal passages for easier breathing but can also help you stay more focused.

Sometimes a scent can bring up negative emotions if it's associated with a traumatic past experience. Pull out the

"Relief on the Spot,"  or your favorite essential oil, inhale something positive, exhale the traumatic experience as best

you can.

When you're out walking around on a pretty spring or summer day, take time out to smell the flowers and thank them for

their beauty and scent.

Have a rose filled day!


Jan 18th 2020 Pam Stanfield

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