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All the Countless Ways to Use "Fix it Salve"

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For your well-being, I feel the need to inform you of all the ways to use Pam's Back to Nature "Fix it Salve."  Out of the hundreds of people who own a tube of this product, a lot of my valued customers are clueless as to how many skin issues this salve can help soothe and repair. You can only get so many words on a label.

Have dry, cracked skin? The hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and bees wax will lock in the moisture. Just apply on affected areas and let the ingredients from nature take care of you!

Itchy skin anyone? My skin does itch at times so instead of scratching myself like a crazy monkey, I immediately apply Fix it Salve to where ever I'm itching and boom....the itching is gone.

Any of you ever cut or burn yourself in the kitchen or elsewhere? Jog for the Fix it Salve. The pure lavender and tea tree essential oils will help fight bacteria, viruses or any nasty that might want to come hibernate in your wound and most likely will feel the pain subside within seconds.

All of us know people with eczema and/or psoriasis. Fix it Salve to the rescue. Again, the hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and bees wax will lock in the moisture to help soothe your flaky skin.

Not only does Fix it Salve help make your lips feel smooth, ot will do wonders for dry, cracked lips. Guess what else the salve will help with around the lip area? Fever blisters and cold sores. Make sure to apply Fix it Salve as soon as you feel any tingling sensation around the corners of the lips that might turn into one of those painful and embarrassing creatures.

Torn cuticles? Tattoo aftercare? Rashes? Callouses? Fix it Salve to the rescue.

Last but not least, Fix it Salve works amazing on private parts itching and irritations without any burning. I know we don't like to admit this happens, but hey...sometimes we need a little help down below.

Don't leave home without a Fix it Salve. Never know when you may get a nasty paper cut, stung by a bee, bit by chiggers, mosquitoes and other creatures that would love to make you feel pain.

Keep a tube of Fix it Salve in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet. When needed, Fix it Salve is your best friend.

To your health and well-being.

Pam Stanfield

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